AV Arts Trade-Up Program

Trade-Up Program

What is the trade-up program?

We will trade in your existing Optoma projector against a newer model. This way, you won’t have 2 projectors and it lowers the price of buying a new unit.

How does it work?

Contact us with details of your old projector, and tell us what you’re interested in. We only trade in against new projectors.

We can then give you a value on your projector, which we will deduct from the new projectors’ price. This value is subject to us seeing your unit.

You are welcome to choose whether to trade in your unit or not.

Who qualifies for the trade-in program?

Any home-use Optoma projector under 5 years old. Currently we only trade-in Optoma projectors. Most commonly traded in:

Optoma HD20

Optoma HD20

Optoma HD65

Optoma HD65

Optoma HD80

Optoma HD80

I’m interested, what are the risks?

Just like trading in a car, once we have seen your projector and agreed to the final value, you can then decide whether to trade in or not.

Once we trade-in the unit, we take all the risks of owning it and holding it until we find a new buyer. The responsibilities fall completely on our hands, should the unit fail, you will not be responsible.

When should I trade up?

Most customers decide to trade-up when they need to replace their projectors lamp. They feel that an upgrade is due, and timing is perfect.

However, there is no recommended time to trade up. You can do this whenever you are interested in upgrading.