AV Arts

About AV Arts

AV Arts are your trusted digital projection specialists, offering exclusive high-end projectors and equipment, for both your office and home. We provide great service and fantastic prices, and we are Gautengs’ premier reseller of Optoma products, a world leading and award winning projector brand.

Our projectors provide big screen, crystal clear images with vivid colours, at a fraction of the cost of most modern TVs. We offer an extensive range of products, from the ultimate in home entertainment, to cost-effective projectors, to full HD 3D or specialised boardroom projection.

It’s our hands-on approach that makes us different. Far from the standard specifications and explanations found on other websites, our product pages feature our unique and educated perspective on each and every device. We provide a list of necessary specifications and recommended uses, and highlight the difference in price between the various products.

All our projectors are of extremely high quality. However, if a device has technical issues, we offer a speedy repair service. We only use highly skilled technicians and original parts. With us you can be sure that your projector will always perform at the utmost level of excellence.

Founded in 2008, AV Arts was established based on a need for a specialist company in the South African projector industry. An organisation that offers reliable advice, from first-hand experience, on an entire product range. Today, AV Arts is that company. When it comes to premium and affordable office projectors, and home entertainment equipment, we are always at your service.

About AV Arts

With over 5 years of experience in the projector industry, we are extremely passionate about our offering, and are constantly going that extra mile to deliver an unmatched service.

Our helpful and knowledgeable directors are only a phone call away, providing expert advice and quality equipment.