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Value in both office and home theater projection, from cost-effective projectors to the ultimate in home entertainment. let us treat your project as our latest portrait.

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To specialized boardroom projection, we have the correct stock and knowledge for your application. Take a look at our gallery to see our past projects. We can offer you big screen images, with crystal clear resolutions and vivid colours at a fraction of the cost of most modern TV’s.

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Found that most people battled to find the necessary information relating to projectors and their applications. We have the relevant knowledge and are excited to answer all of your questions and queries regarding any projector information.

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Optoma UHD65

True to life detail – 4K Ultra HD projector
  • 4K UHD resolution and HDR compatible
  • Amazing colour – accurate Rec.709 colours, 2200 ANSI lumens
  • Fluid viewing – PureMotion frame interpolation
  • Easy installation – vertical lens shift

Designed for home cinema rooms, the UHD65 offers unforgettable 4K digital cinema quality images in the comfort of your own home. Incorporating Ultra HD 4K resolution, it brings movies to life with thrilling detail, colour and contrast – taking entertainment to the next level.

Packed with the latest technology and features, the stylish UHD65 boasts High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatibility, HDCP 2.2 support and sophisticated PureMotion frame-interpolation processing which eliminates motion blurring or image judder. An RGBRGB colour wheel provides accurate, true to life colour rendition Rec.709 – perfect for recreating the big-screen experience at home.

Optoma UHD38Optoma UHD38

Optoma UHD38

Bright 4K UHD gaming and home entertainment projector

Immerse yourself in a world of Ultra HD gaming, live sports and TV shows. The UHD38 delivers impressive bright 4K quality images, lightning-fast input lag as low as 4.2ms and a high refresh rate of 240Hz – perfect for a competitive gaming advantage.

Packed with the latest technology and features, this stylish projector boasts High Dynamic Range (HDR) and HLG compatibility, Full 3D and two HDMI 2.0 ports. Perfect for enjoying life-like big-screen entertainment in any living space.

UHZ50Smart 4K UHD laser home entertainment projectorUHZ50Smart 4K UHD laser home entertainment projector

Optoma UHZ50

Entering the new generation of home entertainment with UHZ50. With DuraCore Laser technology, UHZ50 is able to deliver longer-lasting and excellent performance at true 4K UHD resolution with high brightness at 3,000 lumens and 2,500,000:1 contrast. UHZ50 also comes with the upgraded Smart Home features including Optoma Marketplace, File Manager, Creative Cast, and connectivity with voice assistants, offering the comprehensive home entertainment experience.

With the ability to implement 4-corner adjustment, 2D keystone correction, vertical lens shift, powered 1.3x zoom, and warping at 3*3 matrix, UHZ50 is also perfectly easy to install in any room at home, or to create a simulation scenario.